Family Finances

2023 Ideas Festival | Breakthrough Equity: The Future of Wealth in America

June 30, 2023  • Financial Security Program

Alongside climate adaptation, wealth inequality is one of America’s most urgent problems. Learn from a diverse group of innovators about their contributions and commitments to a more equitable wealth agenda and why they are hopeful substantive progress will be made.


Ariel Meyerstein, Director, Community Investing and Development, Citi

Kristy Fercho, Head of Diverse Segments, Representation, and Inclusion, Wells Fargo

Anna-Lisa Miller, Executive Director, Ownership Works

Melissa Bradley, Co-Founder, 1863 Ventures

Joanna Smith-Ramani, Co-Executive Director, Aspen Institute Financial Security Program

Ida Rademacher, Vice President; Co-Executive Director, Financial Security Program; and Co-Chair, Aspen Partnership for an Inclusive Economy, Aspen Institute