Aspen Institute Announces Three-Year Partnership with Allstate to Rebuild Trust in an Era of Increased Polarization

June 27, 2024

The $7 million initiative aims to tackle declining trust by uplifting national organizations that work to solve challenges and build common ground locally.

Contact: Jon Purves
Media Relations Director
The Aspen Institute

Aspen, CO, June 27, 2024 — Today at the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Aspen Institute announced a new three-year initiative aimed at addressing the critical issue of declining trust in institutions and in each other. Funded with a $7.25M grant from Allstate, this initiative seeks to leverage the influence of national community-based organizations to strengthen trust among local community members, in turn unifying the public around the common good and fostering a more cohesive and collaborative society.

Recent polls and surveys reveal a deeply concerning trend: trust in institutions and interpersonal trust is declining across generations and demographic backgrounds. This erosion of trust impedes our ability to engage in meaningful dialogue, unite around shared narratives and tackle the critical issues facing society together. A lack of social trust weakens the civic fabric of U.S. democracy, creating barriers to collective action and progress.

“The Aspen Institute has a long history of bringing people and organizations together to address pressing societal issues,” said Dan Porterfield, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute. “Through this partnership with Allstate, we will help empower groups making a difference at the community level to create a ripple effect of trust and collaboration nationwide.”

Allstate, a long-standing industry leader recognized as one of the world’s most ethical and trustworthy companies, and the Aspen Institute, renowned for convening diverse leaders, will join forces and leverage their unique assets to make a tangible difference in rebuilding trust across the nation. Both organizations have a vested interest in enhancing societal trust and possess the expertise and credibility to drive meaningful change.

The program targets the root causes of declining trust—mindset and behavior. It will directly engage local, national and federated organizations, focusing on supporting and connecting those working at the community level across the nation. This includes collaboration with thought leaders, decision-makers, community members and influencers to enhance their effectiveness and change the narrative, facilitating more positive, optimistic dialogue to bridge divides across communities.

By empowering these organizations and leaders with deeper roots, improved engagement and trust within their communities, this initiative aims to achieve several key outcomes: to foster the creation of new networks of trust, connect organizations that serve millions but often operate in isolation, facilitate fresh collaborations and partnerships, encourage the sharing of best practices, and inspire new collaborative ideas, pilot projects and innovative initiatives to improve membership retention.

Through these efforts, the Aspen Institute hopes to rebuild trust, enabling communities to come together to address common challenges and strengthen the civic bonds of America.


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